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A hello from over here
dearcindynoname wrote in sweet_androgyny
Hi I'm Cindy, and I'm I wish to join this community and meet new people.

I consider myself pansexual/omnisexual because I never loved based on gender, ever. I never even thought up a label for myself. I always just thought I was "bisexual" but never liked that term. It has been very recent that I discovered that I am attracted to androgynous people, the fluidity of gender is just so awesome. I've been shunned by so many communities and I don't feel a part of anywhere, I look female, I don't exactly feel 100 percent female, but I identify as one. I was told it was "wrong" to find androgynous people "interesting", that its disrespectful in some sense. I don't want to feel tense about being somewhere where I am not wanted, just because I want to feel connected.

I apologize if this post is inappropriate, please message me if it is and I will delete it.

I read the rules and such and this seems like a free community.

Some quick facts about me (click my journal to see an about me)
You can call me Cindy, Theo or Thia. I'm 21. I live in NYC. I don't know what my relationship status is, but must stray away from the typical "Its complicated" phrase. I'm a psychology major at a university. I've studied theatre. I want to become a therapist. I love Haruki Murakami. I watch foreign and independent films obsessively.

I am open to whomever wants to speak with me:

Aim bitemeubloodyelf or sendtofreckles.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

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Cute....Well welcome, welcome...I hope you enjoy yourself here...

Welcome to the community! What's your favorite Murakami book?

*glee* you responded. My favorite Murakami book is Kafka on the Shore, and I am currently read The Wind Up bird Chronicle. I miss you on aim!

Definitely cute. How's New York?

I know...if she was just a bit closer... *grins evily*

Pshhh you can still talk to me :) hehe

I don't see how it's 'wrong' to find androgyous people 'interesting'. I mean I guess I see what they are saying but I don't really agree with them. But then again, maybe I'm just happy to hear that someone finds androgynous people attractive lol

Welcome. You have lovely hair.

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