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My Introduction
forged_life wrote in sweet_androgyny
 Hello.  This place doesn't look incredibly active but it's worth a shot!

I recently have discovered myself.  I moved to Portland, Oregon 4 months ago and am attending PSU.  I am engaged to a FtM.  I have been introduced to many new things in the last year: first from my boyfriend, then from Portland, then from the classes I took at PSU.  As a kid I remember thinking how I wanted to be a boy or felt I should be a boy.  I always dressed more masculine, but there were days I would want to dress more feminine.  I have had a hard time with my breasts because I got them young and they grew fast and large.  I have never been happy with them.  I would like a reduction so that at least I could bind and look flat chested.  I know insurance would cover a reduction (if I had insurance).  I don't want to be a boy and I don't want to be a girl either.  I feel in between.  I don't really know how to describe this.  I am searching for balance in my life, sort of a yin and yang.  

So I would like to make a transition but I don't know how.  My boyfriend knows about my thoughts and he is supportive but he really likes my breasts.  I don't know if my family could take it though.  They have a hard enough time accepting my boyfriend.  I feel like this is the time to change.  I live in a different city than the one I grew up.  I'm not around people I know or are related to.  It's a fresh start.  I just don't know where to start.

Anyway, I would like to go by Teagan on here (my chosen androgynous name).  As I'm used to being called she and her I'm fine with that.  But I wouldn't mind hearing androgynous pronouns for the first time.

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Hey! Welcome to the community. Unfortunately, it's not very active. =/ But maybe we can try and amp it up. Though more than a gender identity community, it's for androgyny in general.

Another community you might like looking into is transmasculine, for transitioning folk who aren't necessarily on the binary gender, or for folk who don't identify as transitioning to a "man."

Honestly, for myself, I feel like and individual capable of my own masculinity and femininity. I technically identify as a Transmasculine Androgyne, but I'm also FtM/a transman/etc. I don't think they're mutually exclusive and I don't really think it's mandatory that you become cisgendered (in the sense of your gender identity "matching" with your physical sex).

So take the time to explore what's good for you and what's not, and don't feel pressure to do or not do anything. :)

As for family, well... More often than not, it just takes some time. @_@

I like the name, Teagan. However you feel about yourself embrace and enjoy those moments. You will find your comfort zone in time.

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