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stephanielin wrote in sweet_androgyny

Hi, I'm new to this community, my name is Stephanie.  I'm a 20 year old pre-med student.  I guess I am bi-sexual.

I never really considered myself gender-queer or anything, but throughout the years I began to notice that the people who I looked up to and who attracted me most were usually androgynous and I decided I wanted to be like them.  I see myself as stuck in a role.  Not that I don't like gender-roles, I revel in them.  I just resent having to stick with just one.  I knew very young that, although I liked being a girl alot, I also wished sometimes that I could be a boy instead.  I always wished I could change from one to the other at will.  I love gender-roles.  Whenever I see a gay couple, the first thing I wanna know is who is on top.  I hate gender.  I wish everyone on earth were the same gender and we got to define our roles instead of them defining us.  I love androgynous looking bodies, I always wished I had one, but sadly while I'm not fat, my hips are too big for me to be mistaken as a guy, and I am short to top it off.

...that, and I wish I had a penis.

I don't quite have myself figured out, but maybe if I keep writing and reading about it, I will piece the puzzle together.  Anyway, here is some pic-spam:


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argh! Imagine quotation marks abour the first bit. I fail at lj...

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