Hi there, androgynies :p

Im a 22 year old girl and when i was still young, people didn't quite now the difference whether i was a boy or a girl, they used to make fun of me :p Im rather skinny and tall, with tiny breasts, I always wore my hair short, its just nice and easy and I like it. When I grew up my face/body became a bit more feminine, but still i own these boyish traits, that androgynish look and im just fine with that. It has it specific charms, it makes me unique :)

A pic from last summer, im on the right :p

It's sunny out you guise
Happy Spring! I hope everyone isn’t too busy with whatever they are doing to take some time and enjoy the nice weather…assuming of course that there is some nice weather where you are. It’s been rainy and cold here, but now (finally) it’s warm and sunny.

It’s almost time for the pools to open (hot damn I love to swim) and I was thinking the other day…there really isn’t any sort of unisex bathing suit available, unless you count those full body contraptions that competitive swimmers sometimes wear. For some reason I don’t feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit like I might in some clothes that cover much more of me, but I doubt this is the case with everyone.

Until recently I was feeling a lot of apprehension about being androgynous, always second guessing myself and worrying about ‘passing’ to the point where I was thinking it would just be easier to go back to my ‘old’ self and forget about it. But now I’m coming into a period where I’m learning not to care about some of that stuff and realizing that I’m still my ‘old’ self, just now I know myself better and am starting to understand parts of me that were formerly so confusing. And I’m feeling a sort of freedom I never felt before, a really deep sense of ease (still offset by brief period of neuroticism of course). So I just want to say, for anyone who is just sort of starting on this whole gender identity thing like I am, that it really does get better and it is worth it, so solder on!

Here are some pictures so it’s not all tl;dr and words. I DEMAND MORE PICTURES OF YOU PEOPLE.

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Androgynous Photoshoot - はじめまして
Hand - ☆
Blame zahmahkibo. Ha, ha. Per request and with some encouragement by others, I'm sharing some stock I took and intended to be deliberately non-gender/androgynous. Going for an alien/spirit/god(dess) sort of effect in front of a Japanese pagoda (which ends up looking like a mother ship from some angles). I took them at a very early hour of dawn and for a moment was even pantless in public (if there was any) in order to switch clothes!

The photos are in "packs", so that you download them to get all the images. Follow the link @ DeviantART. They are stock and free to use; credit is nice, note me & I'll gladly share if others -- see full gallery of examples. If you're thorough, you'll even find a true image of myself that I'm too shy to share here at the moment.

Visitation - Congregation 1 by =idolhands on deviantART

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I'd like to do even more feminine images, although it seems the masculine has proved popular. Still, they are all elements of myself.

janine grace manewitz
not quite androgynous, I'm afraid, more like male bodied / female ID'd, I'm also a fattie!

sry about the random flickr html!

some normalish pics of me, everyday clothes, with my old hair:

gdc, originally uploaded by jessica kittyn.

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This is a cool community, but it needs more love!

Under the cut, a picture.

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Please help. @_@
Okay. So. I don't even know if this is the right place for this, but it's what I could find.

If you know of a better place for this kind of rant/question, please, let me know. I need all the help I can get.

If swearing is a problem, please let me know so I can remove it.

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Mostly I'm just too poor for real therapy.

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 I watched Velvet Goldmine the other night and I have to say Jack Fairy is an inspiration.  I totally forgot that Brian Molko was in that movie, how does he do it?  I have a few Placebo videos and he never seems to age, I wish I had his make up team following me around.
I have been finishing up my MFA thesis and not getting to much sleep, and I should have spent the day working on my drawings, but instead I took pics since I recently got my hair cut.  I thought I would share them here. 
I have decided that my wife and I should attend the opening of my thesis exhibition in full on Baroque French Costume, since my work is about gender constructions, I think that this would only be appropriate (and very fun too).  Good ones are really expensive to rent though and I think that it is too late now to beg the Theater dept.  So, any ideas of good online costume rental places would be appreciated.
Also, I have submitted a proposal to present a paper at an upcoming symposium on animals and our cultural relationship to them.  I have done research in the past on the roles of fathers in children's books and young adult literature, and I hope to extend this work, which has dealt with human characters only, into stories that have animal ones instead.  I'm not sure if my proposal will be accepted, but if it is I might ask on here for ideas of books with animal families where fathers play both active and inactive roles in the family life.   
Stay Safe.
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The 3924723984728th binding question that has ever been asked ever
Hello again.

I know binding questions are abundant on LJ, but I think this one is significantly different enough to ask all mah peeps up in herrr.

Those of you with chesticals: do you bind? If so, how often? When you feel like passing as male or just when ever the mood strikes you? Do you wear a binder that makes your chest completely flat or just something that makes your breasts smaller?

I am a petite person, but I have pretty prominent boobs and I find that this, even more than my height, gets in the way of an androgynous presination. However, I’m ok with having boobs sometimes. I have often considered binding but I don’t know how it would work out. It seems to be an all or nothing thing…either you hide your boobs all the time, or you just have them and are cool with that. Having boobs one day and not having them next…seems weird. Also, I’ve heard the pressure of binding can damage your skin and make your breasts sag prematurely. D:

Right now, I just wear a bra which makes my boobs look smaller than they are, but they are still pretty obviously there. My thin frame makes them very hard to hide, even in loose shirts (that seems to make them look bigger). My girl friends often remark they wish they had boobs like mine...they can have mine for all I care! I wish I had a nice full A cup, really. *woe*

Intro post
  I just joined this community and I hope that it turns out to be as active as it looks.  I like to think that I am androgenous, with a look that leans more to the female side than male.  I have always looked more like my mum than my dad, tall and thin, something I am thankful for.  I am just finishing up my Masters in Fine Arts and my drawings and lithographs have dealt with the constructs of masculinity for the past few years.  I am very interested in the cultural identity of maleness and how it has changed throughout the centuries.  My wife is very chill with my appearance and together we always get the brother and sister comment more than anything.  I did have a really super sleek and stacked a line bob, but now I am growing out my hair.  Also, I did have an old journal which I decintergrated, like a droid in Jabba's palace, but this is my new one.
  Anyway, a couple of pics as intro.
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hoi~ ...
methinks me is gender bipolar.. usually i dress in an androgynous way.. it's more comfortable, i find.
you can forget about having to watch out not to stain things or tread on delicate parts ! ARGH :S
unless it's an expensive suit or sumat..
on the other hand, i like skirts and pleasant materials upon occassion.. it depends on the day and my mood :P
W/o clothes in the equation.. and in terms of personality:
 - my build is slim feminine.. quite androgynous
- my hair is definately androgynous!
(short indie style/ currently died red/ messy/ lazy curls)
- i believe personality, knowledge and love transcend gender.
hope this complies with what most people agree is androgynous~
and look forward to this communities ideas !
love & peace xoxox


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