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Happy Bowie’s Day!

Glam Masquerade party

St.Petersburg, Russia, MONEY HONEY Club



My Introduction
 Hello.  This place doesn't look incredibly active but it's worth a shot!

I recently have discovered myself.  I moved to Portland, Oregon 4 months ago and am attending PSU.  I am engaged to a FtM.  I have been introduced to many new things in the last year: first from my boyfriend, then from Portland, then from the classes I took at PSU.  As a kid I remember thinking how I wanted to be a boy or felt I should be a boy.  I always dressed more masculine, but there were days I would want to dress more feminine.  I have had a hard time with my breasts because I got them young and they grew fast and large.  I have never been happy with them.  I would like a reduction so that at least I could bind and look flat chested.  I know insurance would cover a reduction (if I had insurance).  I don't want to be a boy and I don't want to be a girl either.  I feel in between.  I don't really know how to describe this.  I am searching for balance in my life, sort of a yin and yang.  

So I would like to make a transition but I don't know how.  My boyfriend knows about my thoughts and he is supportive but he really likes my breasts.  I don't know if my family could take it though.  They have a hard enough time accepting my boyfriend.  I feel like this is the time to change.  I live in a different city than the one I grew up.  I'm not around people I know or are related to.  It's a fresh start.  I just don't know where to start.

Anyway, I would like to go by Teagan on here (my chosen androgynous name).  As I'm used to being called she and her I'm fine with that.  But I wouldn't mind hearing androgynous pronouns for the first time.

Female to Androgynous Transgender
I consider myself androgynous. I am an adrogyne. For all my life I have been labeled things like 'tomboy' or 'a man's mind in a woman's body' or similar things. However, I do not wish to become male, but nor am I female. I wish to get a mastectomy, because my breasts are not part of who I am as a gender, and I've wanted them to vanish pretty much since they started growing when I was a kid. I've also considered getting a low dose of testosterone, nothing like the injections FtM's undergo, but just enough to balance my hormones more towards the level I wish for myself.

However, the hormonal therapy is on the back burner since I want some more information on what it will do to me, and if there are any risks to my ladybits if I were to start. But the mastectomy (top surgery) is something I honestly want as soon as possible. So here's my main issue. I've been reading up on transgenders and sex reassignment surgeries and gender identity disorder, and... I don't know if I honestly can even apply to get the GID so that I might pursue top surgery and maybe even hormones sometime in the future. Most of the definitions for transgendered is 'someone who wishes to be of the opposite sex', and I don't wish to become male, I wish to physically become androgynous. Which means the mastectomy.

But can I even get a GID diagnosis? Androgyne's are pretty much nonexistent, let alone FtA's like me. The only advice my counselor could give me at this point and time (I just broke the news to him two days ago about my gender identity) was to write a book. He said guaranteed someone would pick up the book, read it, and be able to relate.

Unfortunately, that does nothing to help me now.

Is there anyone going through something similar?

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Androgynous Remembrance

I'm not sure if any of you participated in the event to wear purple today in order to remember the suicides of six LGBT people, and to some, the remembrance of all the people who lost their lives over hate crime.

I did, and I androgyne'd it up~

I did it, however, for the survivors. For everyone who has been bullied, depressed, and endured hate for being who they are.

[/another attempt to pump some life into this community]

Introductions are in order
Hey all, I'm Hilary, and I've only recently found the term for my gender identification is 'androgyne'. I fall pretty darn close to right in the middle of the male and female gender binary. I'm 21, Canadian, and live in a small (5000 people, maybe) town.

I consider myself gynesexual, or erotically attracted to femininity. For simplicities sake, I usually just refer to myself as a lesbian, though I am attracted to feminine men as well. However, as I've been dating my dream girl for the last (almost) eight months, it's easier on my narrow-minded town to keep it simple.

I'm biologically female, but I'm pretty androgynous physically. If it weren't for my breasts I could pass as a feminine man in the right clothing. My friends always joke that God was confused when I was created, and I tend to agree, though it suits me just fine.

I wear whatever I like, and while my closet is full of mens shirts (mostly t-shirts with skull designs and the like), I do have some womens as well, and I have both mens and womens jeans. I do tend to buy sports bras as they tend to squish down my chest some, as I hate the stereotypical treatment I get for having them and being 'of the fairer sex'. Honestly, I'd be happy being flat-chested, but I'm not so annoyed as to follow through with it (I've also wanted to know what it's like to have a penis, but I'm not transgender). I'm not a shoe person, but I do like hiking boots. I opted to buy running shoes this year though as I don't have a license and have to walk everywhere in town. I had to buy a pair of high heels for a Ladies Night Out my mom took me too, but they've only been worn a couple times as I feel extremely uncomfortable (not to mention tall!) wearing them. They were a beast to find too, as my feet are size 10W mens...

Other then that, I'm a freelance artist and I write as a hobby. I love creating worlds and roleplaying. And boy do I love my video games. I have a Wii and an Xbox 360 Slim, plus a few computer games, and a Gameboy Advance and a Nintendo DS. I also have the mouth and mind of a seaman; dirty, dirty, dirty.

Currently taking Grade 12 correspondence and trying to figure out was I want to do with my life. Considering pathology, taxidermy, anthropology and art as possible career paths.

I tend to talk too much about myself, so I think I'll leave this at that and finish up by saying it's awesome to find a community for like-gendered people and here, have a picture:
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lesbiclub.org - lesbian social network
Welcome to the new thematic project - Lesbi club Dark GirlZZZ, which represents a social network for lesbian and bisexual girls.
After registration at the network there will be available:

-creating photo albums
music files in mp3 format
-copying music from friends to your playlist
uploading video and inserting video from youtube
-publishing your prose and poetry
-using various communication services such as personal email, chat, private chat, shoutbox
-facebook.com users can login to a lesbian club without registration
-much much more ...

We are waiting for you at lesbiclub.org

Seems I never made an introduction...
So I'll do so, and maybe spark a little life into this community!

I'm Ji, and I'm 20 years old and living in the Netherlands (though I was born in the US). Oddly enough, my favourite comic series (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) ended up really helping me with being confident in myself and in being more comfortable with my appearance. It's a pretty whacky series, and I happen to be a pretty whacky person.

I just finally stopped being scared of projecting that~
So here are some photos!

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And as a closing note, meet Amber, from an "all girl" Korean pop group called F(x): http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NwtpvVYhcVo/SwSfjW8KjrI/AAAAAAAAB8U/Rjv0pUOn8IQ/s1600/Fx+Amber+(1).jpg

Keep on being gorgeous <3

A hello from over here
Hi I'm Cindy, and I'm I wish to join this community and meet new people.

I consider myself pansexual/omnisexual because I never loved based on gender, ever. I never even thought up a label for myself. I always just thought I was "bisexual" but never liked that term. It has been very recent that I discovered that I am attracted to androgynous people, the fluidity of gender is just so awesome. I've been shunned by so many communities and I don't feel a part of anywhere, I look female, I don't exactly feel 100 percent female, but I identify as one. I was told it was "wrong" to find androgynous people "interesting", that its disrespectful in some sense. I don't want to feel tense about being somewhere where I am not wanted, just because I want to feel connected.

I apologize if this post is inappropriate, please message me if it is and I will delete it.

I read the rules and such and this seems like a free community.

Some quick facts about me (click my journal to see an about me)
You can call me Cindy, Theo or Thia. I'm 21. I live in NYC. I don't know what my relationship status is, but must stray away from the typical "Its complicated" phrase. I'm a psychology major at a university. I've studied theatre. I want to become a therapist. I love Haruki Murakami. I watch foreign and independent films obsessively.

I am open to whomever wants to speak with me:

Aim bitemeubloodyelf or sendtofreckles.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

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new transbeauty blog
janine grace manewitz
Hi, its been a long time in coming, but we've gone live! so here's some spam!


I'm in charge, I've got other contributors, always looking for more but we are choosy!

you can also follow us on lj:


and twitter:


or all 3!

so far we've got Cover Girl Does Not Cover Boy (on foundation makeup) written by me and the hilarious Snark Tank 1: MySpace Invaders by the peerless Purrsephone and Cattlean.

moar to come right away!

(no subject)

Hi, I'm new to this community, my name is Stephanie.  I'm a 20 year old pre-med student.  I guess I am bi-sexual.

I never really considered myself gender-queer or anything, but throughout the years I began to notice that the people who I looked up to and who attracted me most were usually androgynous and I decided I wanted to be like them.  I see myself as stuck in a role.  Not that I don't like gender-roles, I revel in them.  I just resent having to stick with just one.  I knew very young that, although I liked being a girl alot, I also wished sometimes that I could be a boy instead.  I always wished I could change from one to the other at will.  I love gender-roles.  Whenever I see a gay couple, the first thing I wanna know is who is on top.  I hate gender.  I wish everyone on earth were the same gender and we got to define our roles instead of them defining us.  I love androgynous looking bodies, I always wished I had one, but sadly while I'm not fat, my hips are too big for me to be mistaken as a guy, and I am short to top it off.

...that, and I wish I had a penis.

I don't quite have myself figured out, but maybe if I keep writing and reading about it, I will piece the puzzle together.  Anyway, here is some pic-spam:

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