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Introductions are in order
jasper_sable wrote in sweet_androgyny
Hey all, I'm Hilary, and I've only recently found the term for my gender identification is 'androgyne'. I fall pretty darn close to right in the middle of the male and female gender binary. I'm 21, Canadian, and live in a small (5000 people, maybe) town.

I consider myself gynesexual, or erotically attracted to femininity. For simplicities sake, I usually just refer to myself as a lesbian, though I am attracted to feminine men as well. However, as I've been dating my dream girl for the last (almost) eight months, it's easier on my narrow-minded town to keep it simple.

I'm biologically female, but I'm pretty androgynous physically. If it weren't for my breasts I could pass as a feminine man in the right clothing. My friends always joke that God was confused when I was created, and I tend to agree, though it suits me just fine.

I wear whatever I like, and while my closet is full of mens shirts (mostly t-shirts with skull designs and the like), I do have some womens as well, and I have both mens and womens jeans. I do tend to buy sports bras as they tend to squish down my chest some, as I hate the stereotypical treatment I get for having them and being 'of the fairer sex'. Honestly, I'd be happy being flat-chested, but I'm not so annoyed as to follow through with it (I've also wanted to know what it's like to have a penis, but I'm not transgender). I'm not a shoe person, but I do like hiking boots. I opted to buy running shoes this year though as I don't have a license and have to walk everywhere in town. I had to buy a pair of high heels for a Ladies Night Out my mom took me too, but they've only been worn a couple times as I feel extremely uncomfortable (not to mention tall!) wearing them. They were a beast to find too, as my feet are size 10W mens...

Other then that, I'm a freelance artist and I write as a hobby. I love creating worlds and roleplaying. And boy do I love my video games. I have a Wii and an Xbox 360 Slim, plus a few computer games, and a Gameboy Advance and a Nintendo DS. I also have the mouth and mind of a seaman; dirty, dirty, dirty.

Currently taking Grade 12 correspondence and trying to figure out was I want to do with my life. Considering pathology, taxidermy, anthropology and art as possible career paths.

I tend to talk too much about myself, so I think I'll leave this at that and finish up by saying it's awesome to find a community for like-gendered people and here, have a picture:

Taken about a month ago. Got all decked out to go sing karaoke. Normally I don't wear make-up or do my hair, but hell, it had been a long time since I made a fool of myself in public, and dammit, I was gonna do it in style!

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Heh, thanks! I'm a pretty out going and laid back person when I want to be, but that might be because I have antisocial tendencies; it lets me not care what others might think :P

it's a good attitude to have. :D

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