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Androgynous Remembrance
jitusk wrote in sweet_androgyny

I'm not sure if any of you participated in the event to wear purple today in order to remember the suicides of six LGBT people, and to some, the remembrance of all the people who lost their lives over hate crime.

I did, and I androgyne'd it up~

I did it, however, for the survivors. For everyone who has been bullied, depressed, and endured hate for being who they are.

[/another attempt to pump some life into this community]

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I participated and tried to get others to as well, but my small town doesn't see it as a big issue. Maybe some day!

I had somewhat of the same thing, actually. Though it could have been different in the high schools, I don't know.

As far as I could tell, I was the only one at work and out at the places I went to. Oh well.

I didn't see a single other person that was wearing purple, except for one lady in my college who wears the shirt all the time anyways, so it doesn't count. *sighs*

I saw some people in the cafeteria wearing purple but not a lot of people walking around campus for some reason. Maybe some people just forgot... or maybe we're just the cool people. Hmm.

I did though! I have tons of purple clothes too so it was rather easy.

Btw. Love the hair and the scarf. Looking very nice, jitusk!

I wore purple.


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